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The learning to drive process

Applying for your first Provisional Licence:
Before starting your driving lessons and applying for any of your driving tests, you will first need your Provisional Driving Licence. You can apply for that via this link.

Booking a Theory Test:
Your Theory Test needs to completed and passed before taking your practical driving test. We advise that you do enough study before applying for this test. See our ‘Theory Test page’ for more information on what you need to study. To book your theory test, follow the link

Booking a Practical Driving Test:
Once you have had sufficient training and completed the theory test, you will be ready to attempt your practical driving test with an examiner from the DVSA. You can do this by following this link

Insurance companies for Learner drivers:
There are lots of companies out there that will provide Learner Driver Insurance. Some provide short term insurance, where you can take on a policy month by month if you intend to use your own car as extra practice alongside your lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor. Insurance is a personalised thing, based on your own circumstances so, researching into what suits you best is advised. However you can find competitive quotes from across the market on comparison sites such as

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (D.V.S.A)
The DVSA are the governing body responsible for setting, testing and enforcing driver and vehicle standards. They test learner drivers ready for the road independently and they test driving instructors to ensure they are fit and proper for the job of providing driver training. You can find useful information on their website about learning to drive and the process that you will go through from applying for your licence right up to booking and taking your practical driving test. We recommend that you have a read of their guide to learning to drive. You can do that here: . Twitter updates from the DVSA can be found on their official page here:

Test Guides and resources

The Highway Code
The Highway Code reflects the most up to date legislation and rules for the road. Whilst traditionally linked to learning to drive, the Highway Code is for every road user of any age and ability, whether you are new to driving, have been driving for many years or a pedestrian. It gives lots of advice on road safety and best practise. We do advise getting yourself a copy, it is widely available online or in shops. You can also find it on the DVSA website by following the link

Driving- The Essential Skills
A book dedicated to you- The Driver. Again, this booked is aimed at all drivers regardless of ability. It helps you the driver get more from your driving experience, by focussing on correct behaviours, skills and attitude. Easy to read text and diagrams. Its widely available online or in shops.

Know Your Traffic Signs
Traffic signs play a vital role in road safety, for every road user. This guide is there to help you become more knowledgeable of all the signs, what they mean to you and what they may mean to another road user too. Traffic signs are there to control, direct and inform road users to keep us all safe whether we be in a car, truck or on foot. This guide is widely available online or in shops. You can find information from Know Your Traffic Signs on the DVSA website here

Multiple Choice Theory and Hazard Perception Test Resources
The multiple choice element of the theory test is made up of 50 questions. Those questions are taken from all the information in the 3 guides above, The Highway Code, Driving-The Essential Skills and Know Your Traffic Signs. These guides will also help you become a more rounded driver, in turn helping the skills you will need for your hazard perception, not just for the test but when out on the road also. For further information on this test follow the link to the DVSA here or see our ‘Driving Tests Page’

Practical Driving Test Resources
Your practical driving test will be conducted by a DVSA examiner at your nearest testing station. He will ask you to complete several tasks throughout the test, all of which you should have been learning in your training. The examiner will also ask you some vehicle and maintenance questions. You can find a copy of these questions here: and also a copy of the test marking sheet the examiner will use when assessing your driving ability: For more information on the practical driving test see our page ‘Driving Tests’.



Road safety

Here at UP Driving School, we are really passionate about what we do, we get a real sense of achievement in you passing your driving test. At the forefront of our teaching is road safety, for you, for us and for every road user we may come across in our driving career. Please find below some links to road safety campaigns that we believe are important in keeping the UK roads a safe place.

THINK! Is a road safety campaign from the government. There website is full of campaign stories, blogs, tips and advise for all road users, along with educational resources that will help all manner of road users. You can find the link here :

Pass Plus Scheme
The Pass Plus Scheme is a 6 hour course designed to help you gain more experience, get better skills and improve your safety. It needs to be completed by a qualified Driving Instructor and is governed by the DVSA. You can find more details of the course here:

ROSPA- New Driver Campaign
ROSPA are a company who take road safety extremely seriously. They campaign, educate and train through their website and training facilities to a wide variety of road users. In particular they have a lot of information about young drivers and why they are more likely to experience a road traffic collision. You can read about their campaigns here:

Brake are a charity based organisation working to improve road safety to reduce collisions that results in serious injury or death. They campaign tirelessly to help support road safety and their charity supports those victims or families affected by serious road collisions. To view their latest campaigns or for information on how you can support the charity please follow the link: