SErvices & Pricing

Our services

We are a small local company providing driving tuition in manual cars.  We cater for learner drivers, from those with no experience to those with lots of experience.  We can also provide training for qualified drivers who haven’t driven for awhile or those looking to further their skills.
We are highly trained and proud that we commit to Continued Professional Development  (CPD) training each year, to ensure that we provide the best service and value to our customers.  We strongly believe that learning comes from within, so we work with our customers to find out what suits them best, we then provide the tools to help them achieve their goals.   No two people are the same and that’s what we love best, meeting new people, finding out what their goals are and going above and beyond to help them achieve it, THEIR WAY! 

Our prices

Whilst we always aim to provide a top class service and we keep ourselves up to date and trained to our best, we recognise that price is an important factor in your journey. We aim to keep our prices competitive and comparable to the market. As a driving school we subscribe to Theory Test Pro and the Confident Drivers website, we pay the subscriptions for these, so that our customers can benefit and enjoy them for FREE!

Based on a Pay As You Go scheme
1 hour £30
1.5 hours £45
2 hours £55

Discount for booking in advance
10 hours £280
20 hours £540
30 hours £780
40 hours £1000